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First and foremost, we would like to thank the sponsors who have supported the Wellness for the Culture in past years. We truly appreciate you and could not do it without your support. For those who are just joining the wave, Wellness for the Culture aims to promote and educate the community on accessible and culturally competent mental health services within our community. It isn’t news that there is a disparity of accessible mental health services catered toward people of color as well as representation in the field. But, while representation in the field is important, we are calling for cultural competency and a shift of attitudes towards race, oppression, and stereotypes in this field. This has led to a perpetual cycle of trauma hindering the black and brown community from seeking treatment. The stigma that surrounds mental health has to be dismantled and we need safe spaces to heal. Sponsorship is how you can lend your efforts to support our mission. Thank You!

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